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Exposed Aggregate Disclaimer


The purpose of this letter is to inform the contractor, and the project owner about the potential presence of "Ironstone", in exposed aggregate concrete.  Ironstone is the common term used to describe an aggregate particle that is rich in iron oxide minerals.  Most commonly these particle rich aggregates (Ironstone) are found in river aggregates.  Once exposed in a concrete slab, Ironstones can create small rust colored stains on the surface of the concrete slab itself.  Ironstone is only 1 of the 1000 minerals that can be present in any single aggregate source.  While examples of Ironstone rust stains in a finished concrete slab are limited, they do happen, and they are outside of the control of Kienstra Ready Mix Concrete.


Kienstra Ready Mix Concrete will not be held responsible for issues arising from the presence of Ironstone or any other minerals that are commonly found in river aggregates (gravels or sands).  If you have any questions or need further information, please contact your sales person.

Thank you for considering Kienstra Ready Mix Concrete for your concrete project!



Project Information
Confirmation of Understanding

I have read and understand the Exposed Aggregate Disclaimer.


This disclaimer must be completed and sent back to Kienstra prior to the start of the above referenced project.


Colin Bruns
Director of Sales
Jeff Schaefer
Director of Technical Services
Steve Mulherin
Manager of Dispatch Logistics